Who Do You Want to See on Photobug?


We’re working on tons of awesome stuff for Photobug, and we want your opinion. Who should we invite for possible upcoming features? We want to know who inspires you creatively and professionally. Comment below!


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  1. A fist full of bolts/Sean Flanigan, Pablo Laguia, Fer Juaristi.

  2. i’d love to see a feature about wedding photographer jeff newsom

  3. Hey guys!
    I’d love to see a feature with Sal Sincotta and Ryan Brenizer.

  4. Amy Faith – Liverpool,UK

  5. Gerick G.

    Most probably my parents.

  6. James

    There’s a Fuji shooter, V Opoku. I like his style. Anyone who uses a more documentary/photojournalist style and available light is always an interesting read.

  7. Jose Villa, Greg Finck, Elizabeth Messina…

  8. grusbueno

    I would like to see Pablo Laguía!

  9. I’m inspired by Nirav Patel. His process and moody style is so artful while making you see the closeness of the couple.

  10. Luis

    I want to see Sue Bryce. Her work is natural and beautiful

  11. anton

    Dylan and Sara from Dylansara.com! Holy moly, they’re just off the hook

  12. I would love to see the talents of The Kitcheners. I just love everything about their work, the style, the moods. Its just so so beautiful what they capture. xx

  13. Ebenezer lim

    Amazing pictures

  14. I would love to see Nirav Patel featured!

  15. Definitely http://nordicaphotography.com/ !

  16. elmezquita

    Amaizing picture and couple

  17. Juan

    Fer Juaristi, Pablo Beglez, Nirav Patel and also Ed Peers are some guys who inspire me.

  18. Alan W

    Michael Jordan inspires me!

  19. Dan O’Day is a very inspirational and influential photographer based in Canberra, Australia. He is not afraid to take creative risks with his imagery and is an all round super nice guy.

  20. I hope to make it on here someday!

  21. I’m sure these will be mostly redundant to you, but I’m TOTALLY digging the work of Fer Juaristi, Jennifer Moher, and Jeff Newsome … some other friends and heros would include:

    solarphotographers .com
    http://www.scobeyphotography .com
    atlasandelia .com
    http://www.bonnieandlauren .com



  22. Awesome shot. I photographed an engagement session in a similar looking cave and got some great results!

  23. I would love to see more photographers + videographers from the west coast of Canada!

  24. Get Jonas Peterson if he is available 🙂

  25. The main photographers that inspire my own work are The Kitcheners, Sam Docker and Haydn Rydings

  26. Daniel Smyth

    Michael Wilson and Justin King.

  27. Cat Sutherland

    Richard Wood is a great inspiration.

  28. Amie Wood of Amie Wood Photography inspires me.

  29. Pankkara

    Would love to see more post about photographers from all over the world not only USA europe and Australia. I m inspired bu the stories on how photographers started.

  30. My Wife, my Daughter, Casey Neistat, Sam Hurd, Fer Juaristi, Macklemore, and the list goes on…

  31. A lot of people, specially Andrea Corsi and Ed Peers.

  32. arulleonard

    jerry ghionis, for the way he interacts with clients

  33. gvanoglio

    gianluca adovasio, peggy picot, john dolan, fer juaristi, and more…

  34. ReneeC

    Would love to see Nirav Patel, massive fan!!! And as much Jonas as we can get!!!!

  35. Marc G

    500px and a few photographers

  36. Rajat Gupta

    Please feature Sam Hurd

  37. I actually wouldn’t mind some features about some exceptional wedding cinematographers, like Tim Twinem or Matteo Castelluccia.

  38. Jonas Peterson, Nirav Patel, We Are the Parsons

  39. Oscar

    Gus De Photography

  40. for me: Gabe McClintock

  41. William Patston

    Jai Long of Free the Bird

    Amazing and Beautiful work!!

  42. Gabe McClintock inspires me
    looking forward to his workshop next month

  43. There are lots of photographers, the clasics, the popular and others like Alberto Sagrado that with a relaviely short career are getting better day a day, this pkind of photographers are the trully inspiring ones

  44. Brownspank

    +1 for Jeff Newson!

  45. Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina , Ed Peers, Jonas Peterson

  46. Cmlotts

    This photograph is absolutely gorgeous.

  47. ROSS HARVEY! His work is STUNNING!!!

  48. Roberto

    Gabe McClintock is definitely an inspiration!

  49. Helena Granjo

    Pablo Laguia, Emin Kuliyev

  50. Denton Betancourt

    Dan Bryant if he’s available and willing

  51. Brian

    Sam Hurd is definitely an inspiration in my book.

  52. Angela D

    Ed Peers is amazing!

  53. Bobbi Lane, the Mistress of Light. She captures a portrait like none other.

  54. Jay Cassario and John Yoo would be awesome upcoming features!

  55. Stephen Leano

    i am inspired by other photographers, professional and hobbyist.

  56. Kym Ventola is a beautiful photographer. Would love to see her featured!

  57. Gabe Mcclintock, for sure.

  58. awesome place for lovely and romantics pictures !! huge ! nice shot !

  59. I mostly follow commercial/editorial photographers, but since I found and started reading Shotkit features I would have to say that Gabe Mcclintock’s work seen there is inspiring me to push the envelope and put more of my style in the work I am capturing for my wedding clients.

  60. I would love to see Sam Hurd and Cliff Mautner

  61. Hoffer photography, Ross Harvey and Marius Barbulescu to name a few!

  62. Hunter Leone (Three Nails Photography), Dandy & Fine Parties (dandyandfineparties.com), and Fouad Tadros (fouadtadros.com)

  63. I love The Mullers work. They’re always doing amazing stuff.

  64. fer juaristi (y)

  65. Amy Straka Waters Photography!

  66. Ayberk

    Nordica Photography, Fer Juaristi.

  67. Jose

    Jason Vinson from Vinson Images

  68. Maddie

    Anny Leibovitz!

  69. Jeff Faulds

    My wife and daughter

  70. Najito

    My friends and family.

  71. Eric Moseley

    Two mann studio and del Sol photography.

  72. I am a huge fan of @lastsuspect on Instagram. His NYC street photography is impressive.

  73. Joel Osteen inspires me. 🙂

  74. Brooke Shaden Photography inspires me. 🙂

  75. Tommy Nagle

    I just discovered Ryan Brenizer and his ‘method’ (yep, I know plenty of folk who say other people invented it). Regardless, I’ve been so inspired, I’ve been shooting Brenizer/Bokeh Pano photos at every opportunity…

  76. The photojournalist Gilles Peress is awesome choice.

  77. My siblings inspire me! ❤️

  78. BrittBrown

    I would love to see Bryan Schutmaat features here. Love his work.

  79. Hi. Looking forward to winning the contest.

  80. Thomas Franke

    Want to see Chase Jarvis!

  81. Would love to see more tips and looked for shots on travel/DW photography, including packing/permits.


  82. DerrickHermesH

    My grandparents for sure!

  83. Mark harless and chase blood

  84. Ben Sasso’s work and blogs – bensasso.com

    Ryan Pavlovich & Jilian Dee’s style – theskulls.co

    Ema Lee Dee is killer – http://www.emaleedee.com

    And maybe the best photographer I’ve had the chance to meet, Jill DeVries – http://www.jilldevries.net/blog/

  85. The Stokes

    Love your site. Crystal Stokes Photography turned me on to you.

  86. Zach Egolf

    Maybe Sue Bryce? She has an interesting style.

  87. Definitely The Mullers!

  88. Alex Thornton

    Ben Sasso! He inspires me with not only his incredible talent, but also his outlook on life!

  89. George Kostopoulos

    I would love to see Jonas Peterson!

  90. Richard Avedon inspires me

  91. I’m inspired by my boyfriend, now fiancé, Derek. I am inspired by shots in movie films to shots in YouTube vlogs. I am also inspired by anyone who writes.

  92. guigui

    My daughters and my wife are my inspiration

  93. Jake Olson Studios… he’s not a wedding photographer but he has some amazing portraits that definitely inspire me.

  94. Courtney

    Ahhh… the LIGHT in this shot!!❤️❤️❤️

  95. John Silva

    Richard Wood is a great inspiration and the stories told in his work are well worth that opportunity

  96. Silva

    Richard Wood hands down

  97. Jordan Voth
    Ben Sasso
    Dylan and Sara
    Lauren Apel

  98. Nordica Photography. Those guys are amazing!

  99. I’d really love to see Forged in the North on here if they aren’t already. They’re super amazing!! http://www.forgedinthenorth.com/

  100. Good example of what a great location and conditions as well as a talented photographer can produce for someone on their special day. I love it.

  101. I love love love Jasmine Star. Her photography has such a beautiful clean look, and personality is just awesome!

  102. Dregtar

    Two Mann Studios

  103. Edward Hendriks

    Beautifull shot, I love wedding combined with landscape.

  104. My vote is Sam Hurd or Jeff Newsom!

  105. lucy chesnut

    i would love to see jamie beck!

  106. I would invite my 5 years old daughter who artistic and creative talent inspire me everyday. I can’t phantom how a toddler can have such imagination.

  107. thomas83

    Erwin Darmali from Apertura Photography (www.aperturaphoto.com)

  108. I would like to see the work from the Oberports!

  109. Jeff Ascough inspires me all the time!

  110. Benj Haisch!! Or Dylan and Sara! 🙂

  111. Jose Villa, my friends and family especially my mom! Mom’s the best!

  112. I like to see every person who loves this awesome work! 😉 And this is a great way to do it!

  113. It would be amaizng to see a special about Nirav Patel. He is pretty amazing!

  114. Barbara Ditler

    Beautiful photos

  115. Gabe McClintock, Dan O’Day and would love to see some of the leaders in wedding videography, C2Films or Purple Ribbon Weddings etc.

  116. https://instagram.com/laurenmetzlerphotography/

  117. Lauren Apel, Ben Sasso, Katch Silva!

  118. NickChong

    James Day fo sure!

  119. Mercedes

    I would love to see We Are The Parsons featured!

  120. Dan O Day or Jessica Tremp, both Australia-based.
    Australia is just too good with their way of doing weddings ; )

  121. Byron O

    How about Joe Buissink?

  122. My vote is Emma Svensson (ROCKFOTOEMMA)

  123. Bradford Martens, Geoff Duncan, Joseph West, Leah Muse!


  124. Jeff Cranford

    I love this picture.

  125. Lauren

    Lisa Kuilenburg, Victoria Johannson and the Kitcheners.

  126. Katelyn James! My hero!

  127. William

    Jose Villa! Love the toning on this photos 🙂

  128. Alex

    Robert J Hill’s works are awesome!!

  129. My inspiration comes from wanting to be better than i was the previous day and trying too see the world through my own eyes.

  130. Im so excited and appreciative of what you guys are doing. I’ve been in the wedding business for 4 months and this site can be a great learning block for me!

    • carrie

      Hi Anthony,

      We’re so excited to hear that! Thanks for checking us out, and good luck with your business!

  131. Charlene Drake

    I would love to see more destination wedding photos.

  132. betty melton

    Amazing pictures

  133. Lori Bahn

    This photo is just beautiful. This just says it all

  134. I would love to see a feature on Jessica Facette or Brittany Straddon!

  135. kathy M

    Gabe McClintock would love to see more of! thanks!

  136. RichardJBos

    Everyone around me, if I’m honest. But most of all, my family.

  137. Claudette Lariviere

    My inspiration comes from my husband… We just celebrated our silver 25th wedding anniversary on Oct 20th. We live, love and laugh …. Sometimes we are sad and cry … But through it all … He is there for me … 🙂

  138. Jose Villa love his awesome photos

  139. Char W

    My Papa inspires me to be the best hockey player!

  140. Haydn Rydings… Brilliant Manchester photographer.

  141. Nicole Huckins

    Love the work of Jose Villa.

  142. Ellie C.

    I find my inspiration in natural–particularly out on the water.


    My mother inspires me. Her artistic ability is endless. Her heart is givin

  144. Cahley Tod-Tims

    My boyfriend inspires me to be a better person!

  145. Sonja Samples

    I am inspired from people almost every day. When you see a young child with Cancer giving everything they have and not a complaint. The Mom that does everthing for her children and accepts less for herself. Show these people and their bright lives!

  146. Nick Harris

    Mattias Westfalk inspires me.

  147. Rose Reeder

    My husband because we encourage each other.

  148. Kevin Linkie

    My partner inspires me with his teaching and his artistic talents.

  149. Rust

    I am most inspired by the effects of time on the elderly and the beauty I see within and without.

  150. Fer Juaristi, James Moes, Jonas Peterson, Ed Peers

  151. Erika Gerdemark would be fun!

  152. Janice

    My fiancé inspires me. I think about how we met, the season we started dating and conversations that made me love him

  153. Anita Jude

    My mom she was the BEST

  154. marc Woronoff

    nice to win good luck

  155. Jhessa

    Seeing collections of other people inspire me and also food <3

  156. Debbie Snell

    My family especially my hubby who is a lovely kind hearted guy who makes me feel super special 🙂

  157. Edis Zukić

    I want to see more shots of Son Goku

  158. Who inspires me? Anyone who follows their passion honestly, and with every fiber of their being!

  159. clint

    My silly girlfriend inspires me.

  160. LucilleL

    My mom and dad both inspire me!

  161. Steve McCurry is one of my favorite photographers. His style, composition, and the way he captures powerful emotions is amazing!

  162. david heath

    My dog Jake inspires me

  163. Kristian Leven … awesome work

  164. Kim Tanti

    I would like to see reviews on good photographers in my area so I will know who to call for photos.

  165. I love Erich McVey Photography from my area

  166. Dorothy Johnson

    My Parents inspire me.

  167. +1 for A Fist Full of Bolts/Sean Flanigan

  168. Nessa K
    Sam Hurd
    Jeff Newsom
    Nirav Patel
    Jose Villa
    Eric McVey

  169. Lisa Coomer Queen

    Sam Hurd for sure.

  170. Dave S

    Nature and the rugged outdoors inspire me.

  171. Brian Kraft. Love his style and perspective

  172. My husband inspires me

  173. Ian

    Mary Caroline Russell – http://www.marycarolinerussell.com
    Ravi Vora – http://ravivora.com

  174. Wes S.

    Stories on how they became famous please.

  175. Richard L

    Sam Hurd, he has amazing work. Found his work through these comments!

  176. THomas

    Love your site!

  177. Definitely other photographers! Some of my inspirations are Seth Casteel, Sophie Gamand, and Ty Foster!

  178. Hujonwi

    Great pics, keep up the good work!

  179. kelly light

    My parents inspire me.

  180. Wanda Bergman

    I’d like to see the work of Nirav Patel on your page. I think he’s amazing.

  181. Linda Meranda

    Husband, Children

  182. Landon Howard

    Jose Villa is one of my biggest inspirations!

  183. debra dubois

    Amie Wood of Amie Wood Photography inspires me.

  184. Cliff Mautner. Amazing ‘tog.

  185. Gianfranc Pipitone

    Yoshi Cooper, independent concert photographer extraordinare, based in Toronto. When I started shooting shows everyone showed me his work, I’ve looked up to him ever since. Met him once, chatted a few times, one of the most humble photographers I’ve ever met. And his work is truly stunning.

  186. Kyaw Sein

    Happy quality time with the family

  187. ivo

    Ryan Brenizer, Sam Hurd, 2 MANN, Chrisman Studios, Jerry Ghinois,

  188. For me, the work of Susan Stripling.

  189. Ed

    Tony Hoffer – https://hofferphotography.com/

  190. Aaish

    Very nice website

  191. I would love to see Julie Paisley and Maureen Flynn!

  192. Helen

    More shorts with Anna Kendrick

  193. Bennybasics

    My best friend and counterpart.

  194. Paul Watson

    Mark @shotkit is providing inspiration and doing a brilliant job of promoting holdfast gear and junebug weddings

  195. Darla Peduzzi

    My best friend, Teresa, inspires me.

  196. More technique tips.

  197. Would like to see an interview with Mauricio Arias

  198. Shirley Smith

    My 5 Sons and 3 Daughters Inspire me each and everyday, And watching who they have become as adults always makes me proud. 7 grown and 1 to go.

  199. Nature and of course home (Manitoulin Island – Ontario)…

  200. I’m inspired by the work of others, who choose to innovate instead of following trends blindly. Life is too short to live an average existence..

  201. Jon M

    I would love to see some posts about choosing a location for shoots.

  202. Jon M

    I would love to see some posts about choosing a location for shoots. After all, it’s a big part in determining how the shoot will turn out.

  203. Isaac Abadi

    I would like to see me and my future wife.

  204. bkteoh

    Anything as long as it is beatiful. =)

  205. Sandra L Hying McFadden

    I would have to say my Grandmother who is 97 and my fiancee.


    Wish they had this equipment when i started in the early 70’s

  207. sharon bugar

    I am inspired by nature, so I would love to see more photos of wild life

  208. Andrew

    I think Donald Trump is a truly inspiring man 😉

  209. missy

    these are some beautiful pictures!!!!

  210. Andrea White

    I would love to see more family! More strong people…. strength and inspiration.

  211. Barb Carlson

    I would like to see Pablo Laguía

  212. Considering how high Junebugs criteria is to join there’s got to be some credible info on here. I hope to learn a lot from this.

  213. Jim Nguyen

    Sunrises and the thought of always improving.

  214. Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina , Ed Peers, Jonas Peterson

  215. two mann studios

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