Candid Imagery from Alessandro & Veronica Roncaglione – Italy

Alessandro & Veronica Roncaglione

Alessandro & Veronica Roncaglione are true artists when it comes to capturing those beautiful, candid moments that tell the unique story of each lovely couple they photograph. Today, we’re celebrating the stunning work of these two truly talented and humble photographers based in Italy. Their artistic, compelling images made up of intimate moments will surely leave you inspired!

roncaglione junebug-20

Alessandro & Veronica Roncaglione

roncaglione junebug-14-2

roncaglione junebug-11

roncaglione junebug-3-3

roncaglione junebug-21

roncaglione junebug-22

roncaglione junebug-25

roncaglione junebug-18-2

roncaglione junebug-9-2

roncaglione junebug-8

roncaglione junebug-6-3

roncaglione junebug-4

roncaglione junebug-17-2

roncaglione junebug-10-3

roncaglione junebug-22-2

roncaglione junebug-5-3

roncaglione junebug-2

roncaglione junebug-7-2

roncaglione junebug-12-2

roncaglione junebug-13-2

roncaglione junebug-19-2

roncaglione junebug-7

roncaglione junebug-9

roncaglione junebug-4-2

roncaglione junebug-24-2

roncaglione junebug-1-2

roncaglione junebug-6-2

roncaglione junebug-8-3

roncaglione junebug-19

Thank you so much to Alessandro & Veronica for sharing their gorgeous work with us! If you’d like to see some of their recent work, you can read their blog here!


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