Intimate First Look Moments

first-looks-photobug-community-1-2Photo by Martijn Roos

No matter how many times we see them, beautiful first look moments always get us choked up! A few weeks ago, we challenged our Photobug Community (not a member? join here!) to share their best first look moments, and we’re excited to share a few of our favorites with you today! Whether it’s a first look between a bride and her father or a sweet moment of the bride and groom just before the ceremony, we love them all! Enjoy!

first-looks-photobug-community-2Photo by Dustin Cantrell

first-looks-photobug-community-7Photo by Damien Milan

first-looks-photobug-community-1Photo by You Are My True

M Lindsay PhotographyPhoto by M Lindsay Photography

first-looks-photobug-community-3Photo by Nicola Harger

first-looks-photobug-community-4Photo by Brandi Potter Photography

first-looks-photobug-community-6Photo by Sara Rogers Photography

first-looks-photobug-community-8Photo by Paige Nelson Photography

first-looks-photobug-community-9Photo by Lato Photography

Need a tissue or two? Same here.

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