Photobug Presets

With Photobug Community
What's included:


The Photobug Preset pack consists of 3 separate folders of 26 total presets, plus 9 Effects presets.


Within the Photobug Preset pack are three collections of uniquely radiant and natural presets.  The first folder has a crisp, clean and timeless aesthetic–perfect for letting your couples shine through any image. The second collection is full of fun, retro presets in the style of Super 8 film. And lastly, our final folder consists of nine individual Super 8 effects–like Dust, Light Leak, and Edge Blur.

This pack is full of versatile presets that work in any lighting scenario and make for beautifully timeless images.


See examples of each preset and learn more about the pack on the G-Presets website.



Photobug Presets are here. Made in collaboration with the talented team at G-Presets, our unique pack is timeless, natural, and easy-to-use. Learn more here.


Image by Brittany Boote Photography