19 Creative And Truly Unique Wedding Photos

Over at Photobug Community, we like the unique, creative, and weird. For this month’s challenge, we had the folks over at Photobug Community share their favorite experimental photos with the hashtag #keepphotobugweird. These unique wedding photos are full of double exposures, reflections, creative use of light, and more! Get ready to become inspired and begin thinking outside of the box the next time you’re photographing a couple!

 photo by Apricity Images

photo by Bri Short Photography

photo by Tallya D. Photography

photo by Damien Milan

photo by Autumn Marie Photography

photo by Marcela Pulido Photography

photo by Kellie Francis Photography

photo by Brandi Potter Photography

photo by Mathias Fast Photography

photo by Love to the Core Photography

photo by Singler Photography

photo by Mountain and Mood

photo by Kristin Maria

photo by Studio Fotografico Bacci

photo by The Pinckards

photo by The Martins

photo by We Choose the Moon Photography

photo by Light Pictures

photo by In Bianco e Nero Fotografia

A big thank you to everyone who shared their unique wedding photos with us!

Did you miss last month’s challenge? Stay up-to-date and see what else the community has been up to on the blog now!

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