2015 Best of the Best Destination Honorable Mentions

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-20 copy

As always, narrowing down the winning images for our 2015 Best of the Best Destination Photo Collection was no easy feat, which is why we’re so happy to be sharing our honorable mention winners with you! These photos won us over with their creativity and humor. We want to give an enormous shoutout to our rockstar judging panel, Sigit Prasetio and Tito Rikardo of THEUPPERMOST and Gabe McClintock for helping us to curate a phenomenal set of images. And, of course, thank you to everyone who entered this year. Your support is greatly appreciated!

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-11 Photo by Hendra Lesmana of Cheese N Click Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-4 Photo by Ivo Popov

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-5 Photo by Fabio Mirulla

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-17 Photo by Sabrina Kolotylo of Dallas Kolotylo Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-6 Photo by Putu Bayu Gunadharma of Infocusbali Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-18 Photo by Dennis Berti

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-25 Photo by Uma Sanghvi of Studio Uma

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-7 Photo by Hendra Lesmana of Cheese N Click Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-8 Photo by Gabriela Matei of photochic.ro

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-10 Photo by mauricio arias of Chrisman Studios

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-13 Photo by aljosa videtic

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-2 Photo by Applehead Studio

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-14 Photo by Ruby Yeo Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-1 Photo by Hendra Lesmana of Cheese N Click Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-12 Photo by Clarkie Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-23 Photo by Cole Roberts of NORDICA PHOTOGRAPHY

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-3 Photo by Kristi Odom

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-15 Photo by Kadek Arta yasa of diktatphotography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-16 Photo by David Michoci of MihociStudios

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-19 Photo by Rivkah | Fine Art Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-20 Photo by Robert J Hill Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-21 Photo by Brian Callaway of Callaway Gable

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-22 Photo by Shari Vallely of Shari + Mike Photographers

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Honorable-Mention-Junebug-Weddings-24 Photo by Ekaterina Mukhina of Purlita

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Congrats to all of our honorable mention winners! Stay tuned for our Best of the Best Weddings 2015 contest, which opens for submissions on November 2nd.


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  1. […] their Worlds’ Best Wedding Photographers list and awarded me an honorable mention in the 2015 Best of the Best Destination Collection. They also published some stuff. We also won the Knot.com Best Of Wedding Award for the 2nd year […]

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