The 2016 Best of the Best Wedding Photo Collection – Honorable Mention


Yesterday, we celebrated the reveal of the top 50 wedding photos from 2016. With nearly 9,000 images submitted to this year’s Best of the Best photo contest, we knew it would be tough to narrow the winners down to just 50, which is why we’re so excited to celebrate 26 more entrants today in our Honorable Mention category. Big thanks to our judges for this year’s contest, Ben and Erin Chrisman of Chrisman Studios, Shari and Mike Vallely of Shari + Mike Photographers, and Benj Haisch, for helping us to curate two beautiful collections and congratulations to our Honorable Mention winners!

hinterland-stills-7-291194956-1 Photo by Hinterland Stills

virginia-evan-studios-9-291209522-11 Photo by Virgina & Evan Studios

sara-rogers-0-288010255-18 Photo by Sara Rogers

paul-tatterson-photographer-6-291280784-10 Photo by Paul Tatterson

theilen-photography-91232211-2 Photo by Theilen Photography

chasewild-5-290990764-15 Photo by Chasewild

danelle-bohane-4-291207186-10 Photo by Danelle Bohane

jim-pollard-goes-click-7-290724952-6 Photo by Jim Pollard goes click

weddingstudios-288702193-7 Photo by WeddingStudios

fer-juaristi-1-291072455-1 Photo by Fer Juaristi

danelle-bohane-4-291207186-5 Photo by Danelle Bohane

danilo-and-sharon-weddings-290151578-15 Photo by Danilo and Sharon Weddings

joelsview-photography-6-288005825-10 Photo by Joelsview Photography

dustin-cantrell-photography-6-289895627-8 Photo by Dustin Cantrell Photography

greg-petersen-291197759-16 Photo by Greg Petersen

tricia-victoria-photography-289580601-13 Photo by Tricia Victoria Photography

stephen-bunn-photography-291136112-14 Photo by Stephen Bunn Photography

wandering-woo-291282072-8 Photo by Wandering Woo

tim-williams-photography-6-290788117-5 Photo by Tim Williams Photography

mari-harsan-studios-3-291168426-4 Photo by Mari Harsan Studios

helena-and-laurent-9-291287521-1 Photo by Helena and Laurent

two-mann-studios-291219872-1 Photo by Two Mann Studios

india-earl-9-291251201-16 Photo by India Earl

fabio-mirulla-photographer-4-291054451-12 Photo by Fabio Mirulla photographer

johanna-macdonald-291285605-5 Photo by Johanna Macdonald

mj-studios-290358799-6 Photo by M&J Studios

View the Top 50 images here!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next contest, Best Engagement, which opens for submissions in March 2017!

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