27 Groom Portraits That Will Remind You That Grooms Are Beautiful, Too!

Photo by Taylor Isaiah

There are many moments that make a wedding day special for me, but underneath the glitz and busyness, it’s the emotions of the couple that shine the brightest. Last month, we celebrated creative bridal portraits. There were beautiful getting-ready photos, emotional moments with family, and tons of pure joy. We decided that it’s only fair that we celebrate the other half of a union this month! Thanks so much to everyone who shared their groom portraits with us this past week – there were so many images of just pure, raw emotion, and of course a few silly moments, as well. Enjoy!

1-507 Photo by Jordan Voth Photography

Photo by Babb Photo

Photo by Hipster Wedding

Photo by Joel + Justyna

Photo by Melanie Ng, Assemblage Photography

Photo by Blush Photography  Photo by Alex James of Creative Apertures

Photo by Beneath the Pines

Photo by You Made My Day Photography

Photo by Beneath the Pines

Photo by Hugh Whitaker

Photo by Rowdy Bridges

Photo by Tjeerd Paul Jacobs Fotografie

Photo by Jonnie + Garrett

Photo by Joelsview Photography

Photo by Jordan Voth Photography

Photo by Melissa Harding Photography

Photo by Melissa J Soule

Photo by Melissa Rey Photo

Photo by Paulo Santos Photography

Photo by Rosey Red Photography

Photo by Rosey Red Photography

Photo by The Spragues

Photo by Taylor Isaiah

Photo by Laurence Revol

Photo by Andy Roberts Photography

Photo by Laurence Revol

Photo by Mirror Wedding

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  2. Wow, every one a masterpiece. So stunning!

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