30 Black and White Wedding Photos That Will Stand the Test of Time

Photo by Catalina Jean

Timeless and subtle in their beauty, black and white images can add a classic look and feel to any wedding. This month, we chose to challenge our Photobug Community to share their favorite black and white wedding photos, and we’re so excited to share our #backtoblackandwhite challenge round-up with you today!

P.S. There’s one engagement photo in this set, but I promise that you won’t be upset about it!

Photo by Jennifer Moher

Photo by Helena and Laurent

Photo by Lato Photography

Photo by Frøydis Geithus

Photo by Oak and Iron Photo

Photo by A Nomadic Love

Photo by Sophie Berard

Photo by Catalina Jean

Photo by Frøydis Geithus

Photo by Boy Called Ben Photography

Photo by Baylee Dennis Photography

Photo by Christin Eide

Photo by SweetPaperMedia

Photo by Helena and Laurent

Photo by Jeff and Cat of The Apartment Photography

Photo by J. Hannah Photography

Photo by Muse & Mirror

Photo by Asher & Emily Photography

Photo by SideXSide Pictures

Photo by Laine Mostert

Photo by Shari + Mike

Photo by Lookimaginary

Photo by Maria Luise Bauer

Photo by Cody & Allison Photography

Photo by La Lau Barbera

Photo by Rosey Red Photography

Photo by Rosey Red Photography


Photo by September Company

Photo by Sean Bell Photography

Ready to ditch color and go #backtoblackandwhite? Here are some recommended presets you can use to achieve the gorgeous b&w tones:

Twyla 02
LOAF Lightroom Preset BW1 and BW2
AFFOB Preset BW01
Slate and Ivory

Big thanks again to everyone who joined in this month’s challenge! If you’re wondering how to take part in next month’s round-up, join our Photobug Community Facebook Group and be on the lookout for our next challenge.


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