These 30 Images Are Proof That Creative Group Shots Do Exist

Photos by Marble Rye PhotographyCarey NashMaria Shiriaeva PhotographyAmber Michelle Photography (from top left to bottom right)

When you list the moments in a wedding day that inspire and recharge your creativity as a wedding photographer, I’m guessing that group shots aren’t very high up on that list. Creative group shots are hard to do with so many people and a limited amount of time, but before you grab your bride and groom for couple portraits, take a few minutes to really create something special for the couple and their wedding party! Whether the group is big, small, or filled with furry creatures, there are many ways to document those celebratory moments between your couple’s closest friends and family.

This month, we asked our Photobug Community Facebook group to join in our #themorethemerrier challenge. Tons of great work was shared, and it was fun to put couple portraits aside for a few days and celebrate another element of the wedding day! We hope this snippet of the group’s favorite images will help to inspire you to push the envelope when it comes to capturing group photos. Enjoy!

Photo by Aperture Photos

Photo by Jack Hoyle

Photo by Amber Michelle Photography

Photo by Jodi Daniel Photography

Photo by Studio Fotografico Bacci

Photo by Sweetpapermedia

Photo by Frøydis Geithus

Photo by Dani Ford

Photo by Wandering Woo

Photo by The Stirewalts

Photo by Ardorphoto

Photo by Maria Shiriaeva Photography

Photo by Eric Ronald

Photo by Fink Photography

Photo by Studio Kibo

Photo by Joanna Whitehead Photography

Photo by Kevin Lowery

Photo by Pebble & Pine Photography

Photo by Marble Rye Photography

Photo by Caroline Ghetes

Photo by Stephen Liberge Photographies

Photo by Carey Nash

Photo by Oak and Iron Photo

Photo by Rosey Red Photography

Photo by Terralogical

Photo by Terralogical

Photo by September Company

Photo by Damien Milan

Photo by Gustavo Franco

Photo by T H A I S Photography

Massive thanks to everyone who contributed their work this month!

Ready to join our next challenge? Be sure you’re in the group and stay tuned!


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  1. Thiebauld

    best memories of wedding groups come from fun shots <3

  2. Samuel Grattan ·

    Wow, such a lovely photo-shoot. Love your every picture. All the photographs are saying unique things which can’t explain in a simple pen and paper. I remembered my wedding day which was memorable because of Jon-Mark Photography. Jon-Mark is a very good photographer. He’s fun, creative and accommodating and had given me stunning wedding pictures.

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