33 Oddly Satisfying Wedding Photos

There’s something magical about those oddly satisfying videos floating around online and these aesthetically pleasing wedding photos are no different! We had the Photobug Community post their best #perfectlyaligned images that would make anyone say “ahh” in relaxation. Everything from perfect symmetry to clean lines, these images are sure to convince you that everything is right in the world.

 photo by Amber Hughes Photography

photo by Laura Barbera Photography

photo by Elke Van den Ende

photo by Stephanie Cristalli Photography

photo by Lauren McCormick Photography

photo by Carey Nash

photo by Brandi Potter Photography

photo by Alfonso Flores

photo by Cedar & Pines Photography

photo by Colby and Jess

photo by Elke Van den Ende

photo by Joanna Jaskolska

photo by In Bianco e Nero Fotografia

photo by Louis Gan of MunKeat Studio

photo by Joe Tobiason

photo by Benedetto Lee Photography

photo by Lynn Lewis Photography

photo by Sean Bell Photography

photo by Amber Hughes Photography

photo by Andy Turner

photo by Tara Lilly Photography

photo by The Martins Photography

photo by Shutterkey

photo by Rubistyle Photography

photo by Rachel Rowland Photography

photo by Remain in Light Photography

photo by Sachin Khona Photographer

photo by Kevin Klein

photo by Karmathartic

photo by Mountain and Mood

photo by Rubistyle Photography

photo by Levi Hriczo

photo by Logan Smith Photography

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