33 Same-Sex Wedding Photos That Will Give You All the Feels

photo by Baylee Dennis Photography

In honor of Pride Month, we invited the Photobug Community to share their favorite same-sex wedding photos for this month’s photo challenge. We are not only blown away by the incredible portraits but the love and support for the LGBT community. Let these images remind you that each relationship is important and #loveislove.

photo by Phan Tien

photo by Henry Tieu

photo by Sara Rogers

photo by Carmen Glenn Photography

photo by Isis Sturtewagen Fotografie

photo by Jade Gabrielle

photo by Britt Crowe

photo by Chelsea Warren Photography

photo by Motiejus

photo by Aileen Choi Photo

photo by Megan Ewing Creative

photo by Jack Hoyle Weddings

photo by Brandi Potter Photography

photo by Pinewood Weddings

photo by Henry Tieu

photo by Fox & Kin

photo by Carey Nash Photography

photo by Joelsview Photography

photo by Sullivan & Sullivan Photography

photo by Baylee Dennis Photography

photo by Hipster Wedding

photo by Copper Photo Co.

photo by Baylee Dennis Photography

photo by Vein and Vessel

photo by Andrew Rae

photo by Pedro Vilela

photo by M Lindsay Photography

photo by Erin Fraser

photo by Megan Saul

photo by Through The Glass

photo by Sachin Khona Photographer

photo by Fox & Kin

photo by Jonas Seaman Photography

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