35 Wedding Photos That Prove Harsh Light Can Be Magical

photo by Bows and Lavender

Harsh light tends to get a bad rap in the photography world, but we’re here to put that to rest. If you know how to work it just right, harsh light can assist you in creating some stunning framing and some serious mood in an image. Don’t believe us? We had the Photobug Community share their best wedding photos showcasing harsh light with the hashtag #herecomesthesun. We hope you find these images inspiring and wanting you to chase after less than desirable lighting conditions – magic can happen anywhere!

 photo by Nigel John

photo by The Shepards Photo

photo by Terralogical

photo by B. Grace Creatives

photo by Summer Leigha Photography

photo by Fox & Kin

photo by Laetitia Donaghy Photography

photo by Sadie Willow Photography

photo by Flipmax Photography

photo by Assemblage Photography

photo by Brandi Potter Photography

photo by Maria Shiriaeva Photography

photo by Bows and Lavender

photo by Angela Ruscheinski

photo by Brittany Esther Photography

photo by Erika Diaz Photography

photo by Tiarra Sorte

photo by Karlo Gavric

photo by Damien Milan

photo by Rosey Red Photography

photo by Maria Shiriaeva Photography

photo by Tu Nguyen Wedding

photo by Bows and Lavender

photo by Natalie Pluck Photography

photo by Tom Armstrong

photo by Erin Fraser Photography

photo by Bethany Howarth Photography

photo by Jeff Brummett

photo by Translucent Photography

photo by Natural Intuition Photography

photo by Marcijus Weddings

photo by Petrichor and Pine

photo by The Hearnes

photo by Laura May Photography

photo by Eneka Stewart Photography

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