36 Photos That Prove Wind is a Wedding Photographer’s Best Friend

Photo by Jordan Voth

Chiffon flutters, inevitable hair whipping, and wind-induced giggles are just a few reasons why we love photos that showcase the beauty of wind. For this month’s Photobug Community challenge, we asked the group to share their favorite windy moments with us. Over one hundred images were shared in the #makeitwind challenge, and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites today. So, prepare yourself for the seriously dramatic and adorable imagery that’s headed your way!

Photo by Sascha Kraemer

crazy-passionate-icelandic-wedding-adventure-maciej-suwalowski-34 Photo by Maciej “Magic” Suwaloski

Photo by The Spragues

Photo by Sebastien Bicard Photography

Photo by Jade Gabrielle

Photo by Taylor Lenci Photography

Photo by Benj Haisch

Photo by Sweetpapermedia

Photo by Chase Wild

Photo by Julia Wade Photography

Photo by Hipster Wedding

Photo by Kevin Klein

Photo by Joel & Justyna

Photo by A Nomadic Love

Photo by Andy Roberts Photography

Photo by Baylee Dennis Photography

Photo by Carey Nash

Photo by Célestine Aerden

Photo by Wandering Woo

Photo by Eastlyn Bright Photography

Photo by Katie Harmsworth

Photo by Hugh Whitaker Photography

Photo by Ashley + Ben Kochanowski of Rosey Red Photography

Photo by Jim Pollard Goes Click

Photo by JoPhoto

Photo by Sara Rogers

Photo by Shari + Mike

Photo by Carey Nash

Photo by Brittany Esther

Photo by Ryan Chard Smith

Photo by Gione da Silva

Photo by Olguin Photography

Photo by Tjeerd Paul Jacobs

Photo by Rachel Photographs

Photo by Free the Bird

Big thanks to everyone who shared their work for the #makeitwind challenge!

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  1. I love a good windy day and photo! So much movement!

  2. True, these photographs proves that wind is really best friends of wedding photographers. Only professional photographers can feel that purity and beautifulness in poses. Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely collection. Keep sharing – https://goo.gl/c8ULom

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