67 Photos That Explore Every Wedding Photographer’s Love of Light

Photo by Fsurøydis Geithus

Whether it’s a sunset shooting rays across a grassy field or a small line of light passing through a tiny window at the back of a church, a photographer’s job is to capture their subject in the best light available. We challenged our Photobug Community Facebook group this month to share their most creative lighting captures. Our #lettherebelight challenge has been without a doubt one of our most popular challenges yet, and we’re stoked to feature just a small portion of the hundreds of images shared. Enjoy!

Photo by Sara K Byrne

Photo by Wandering Woo

Photo by Twyla Jones

Photo by Shari + Mike

Photo by KnowMe Fotografie

Photo by Jacob Loafman

Photo by Kevin Biberbach

Photo by Isaiah and Taylor 

Photo by Eclection Photography

Photo by 222 Photography

Photo by 222 Photography

Photo by Light Pictures Studio

Photo by Summer Leigha Photography

Photo by Anni Graham

Photo by Frøydis Geithus

Photo by Rosey Red Photography 

Photo by Rosey Red Photography 

Photo by Lukas Piatek

Photo by Vein & Vessel

Photo by Christin Eide

Photo by Yannick Zurflüh

Photo by Eric-Rene Penoy

Photo by Mathias Fast Photography

Photo by Katy Weaver

Photo by Liam Warton Weddings

Photo by Sarah Rose

Photo by Vanessa Alves Photography

Photo by Bajkowe Sluby

Photo by Don+Helen

Photo by Don+Helen

Photo by Vein & Vessel

Photo by Frøydis Geithus

Photo by Don+Helen

Photo by Ryan Chard Smith

Photo by Aparat Photography

Photo by Maciej Suwalowski

Photo by Paulo Santos Photography

Photo by Frøydis Geithus

Photo by Aparat Photography

Photo by Bring me somewhere nice

Photo by Blush Photography

Photo by Blush Photography

Photo by Tjeerd Paul Jacobs Fotografie

Photo by Roy Nuesca Photography

Photo by Of Earth and Soul Photography

Photo by Ellie Asher Photography

Photo by Sean and Kate

Photo by Helena and Laurent

Photo by Wendy Bobarikin

Photo by Muse and Mirror

Photo by In beeld met Floor

Photo by Belle Art Photography

Photo by Sara Lincoln Photography

Photo by Natalie Pluck Photography

Photo by Swanky Fine Art Weddings

Photo by Wedding Cherie

Photos by Joshua Patrick Photography

Photo by The Framers

Photo by The Spragues

Photo by Jack Hoyle Weddings

Photo by Duy Ho Photography

Photo by Dani Ford

Photo by Marble Rye Photography

Photo by Sebastien Bicard Photography

Photo by Anchor & Veil Photography

Photo by Cassie Cook

Photo by Maciej Suwalowski

Photo by Rubistyle

An enormous shout out to everyone who submitted to this month’s challenge. If you’re interested in taking part in next month’s challenge, you can join our Facebook group here.

Also, if you have a challenge idea, drop us a line below. We’re always brainstorming fun challenges for the group!


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  1. Obsessed with this round up! You did such a rad job curating all these killer photos, definitely my favorite challenge / collection of photos I’ve seen in this community yet. So honored to be among these talented souls. <3

  2. Wow to the mad talent here! Thanks for the inclusion <3

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