Afraid of Rain? Check Out These 29 Incredible Rainy Wedding Day Photos

Photo by Jeff and Cat of The Apartment Photography

Rainy wedding days are rumored to be a sign of good luck for a marriage; however, it’s easy to forget that myth when you’re fighting to keep your lens dry and your couple happy! While rainy wedding day photos might be underappreciated, they certainly aren’t any less beautiful, so we challenged our Photobug Community to share some of their favorites with us. Get ready for lots of umbrellas, backlit raindrops, and moody sky vibes thanks to the talented members of our Photobug Community.

Photo by Carey Nash

Photo by Anne-Claire Brun

Photo by Chasewild

Photo by Blush Photography

Photo by Jeff Brummett Visuals

Photo by Jessi Field Photography

Photo by David Clumpner

Photo by Olguin Photography

Photo by Baylee Dennis Photography

Photo by Erin Fraser Photography

Photo by Neville Black

Photo by Van Middleton

Photo by Shari + Mike

Photo by Nicola Harger

Photo by Pedro Vilela

Photo by Bayly & Moore

Photo by Dallas & Sabrina

Photo by Chris Copeland Photography

Photo by Gasp Photo Co.

Photo by Jordan Voth

Photo by KNW Photography

Photo by Logan Swayze

Photo by Chelsea Warren Photography

Photo by Natalie Pluck

Photo by Nisha Ravji

Photo by Merve & Nils

Photo by Nick Walker

Photo by Taylor Lenci

Thanks again to our Photobug Community for sharing their imagery!

Looking for more rainy day wedding inspiration? Check out this stunning Rainy Wedding in Yorkshire from Sansom Photography.


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  1. Lots of great photos here. I especially love Natalie Pluck’s. Great seeing.

  2. Inspiring. Love these!

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