We’re Switching Things Up in Our “All About the Angle” September Challenge

When you’ve been a wedding photographer for a while, things may start to feel a little… repetitive at times. Though this may feel a little lackluster sometimes, it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new. That’s what life is all about, after all, right? Going outside of your comfort zone and pushing yourself at your craft. When we decided to come up with this month’s photo challenge, we wanted something that showcased photographers trying something new, and this is what we came up with–unusual angles.

From drone footage of a getaway in a vintage car to a romantic moment captured in a puddle, our Photobug Community did not disappoint. So if you’re looking for ways to challenge yourself or just switch up your work, you’re going to love all of these unique perspectives.

Image by Rach Martin

Image by Samsul Hidayat

Image by The MacLeans

Image by Ida Irvine

Image by Kelli Peevey

Image by Framedia Wibowo

Image by Raini Rowell

Image by Koncomoto

Image by Kari Bjorn

Image by Tree Arcade

Image by Panda Weddings

Image by Robyn and Finch


Thank you to our incredible Photobug Community for sharing these images with us to showcase why playing with different perspectives can create a new depth to an image. Make sure to join our Facebook group so that you can get a chance to share your work in one of our challenges. More details about the challenge will be announced soon. Don’t miss out!

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