We’re Seeing Double in October’s Photobug Challenge

Double exposure is no easy feat. Although it can be created in Photoshop, we can’t help but love when photographers do it the old school way–on the camera itself. That’s why we’re so excited to share October’s Photobug monthly challenge! We challenged our Photobug Community to post their favorite double-exposure images, and we’re sharing some of the community’s favorites. Along with these beautiful photos, we asked each photographer to share insight into how they created their image.

How the image was created: “The photo was taken in North Yorkshire at a recent elopement shoot we planned. It was created in camera, using the multiple exposure function of our Nikon Z6ii. We enjoyed the differing depth of field while maintaining the horizon line of the cliffs behind them.”

Image by Kari Bjorn

How this image was created: “I chose to shoot in live view mode with a double exposure on the Nikon D780 camera. In the first frame, I captured to reveal the silhouette of the couple against the empty sky. I waited for some clouds to pass by the mountain that I had composed and then took the next shot. The editing process only required adding a brush to certain details I wanted to highlight.”

Image by Olga Boichuk

How this image was created: “I made this in Photoshop, combining and masking 2 layers.”

How this image was created: “I’ve created this picture using my phone in the bottom of the lens, in order to reflect the dolomites on my phone screen while shooting.”

Image by Adventure & Vow

How this image was created: “This image was the last image we captured on this elopement day. The couple really wanted star photos, and typically we do star photos full body, but I wondered how I could make this more interesting and more personal. So I had my partner/team member backlight them with a headlamp for a quick second and did an in-camera double exposure with a longer exposure to capture the Milky Way. The only postwork done to this image is my typical nighttime pre-set I designed. To me, this image embodies what I love capturing – romance, story, and nature.”


Not sure how to do double exposure? There are countless tutorials online to achieve the look via camera or Photoshop!  Thank you to everyone who shared their work with us. What should we challenge the Photobug Community with next? Let us know below!

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