Creative Focus and Motion Blur Imagery from Photobug Community

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90-4 Photo by Joel Bedford Photography

Having the sharpest focus in your photos is what most photographers strive to achieve, but what happens when we don’t play by the rules and explore imperfection instead? We were blown away by the number of images shared for this month’s Photobug challenge and we’re excited to share a few of the favorites with you today!

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90-5 Photo by Jess Hunter

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-91-4 Photo by Natalie Pluck Photography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90-2 Photo by Studio Fotografico Bacci

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90-3 Photo by Nicola Harger

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-91-2 Photo by Pol Sena

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90 Photo by Alessandro & Veronica Roncaglione

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-92-3 Photo by Sam Arroyo

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90-3 Photo by Tjeerd Paul Jacobs

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-91-3 Photo by Joel Bedford Photography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90-4 Photo by Carey Nash

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-105 Photo by Ryan Chard Smith

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-96 Photo by Studio Kibo

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90 Photo by Brandi Potter

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90-5 Photo by The Twins

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-91-2 Photo by Duepunti Fine Art Wedding Photography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-91 Photo by Mati Photography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-92-2 Photo by Katch Silva

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-92 Photo by Hipster Wedding

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90-2 Photo by Duepunti Fine Art Wedding Photography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-93 Photo by Dan McCourt

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-91 Photo by Alessandro & Veronica Roncaglione

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-94 Photo by Jayme Lang Photography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-95 Photo by Joe & Jen Photography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-103 Photo by Paulo Santos

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-108 Photo by Tomasz Wagner

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-109 Photo by Tommaso Bacchelli of latophotography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-107 Photo by The Wayfarers

bohemian elopement photography tuscany Photo by Francesco Spighi

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-98 Photo by Alyssa Armstrong

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-106 Photo by Singler Photography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-99 Photo by Laura Karvelis of latophotography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-101 Photo by Lauren McCormick

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-102 Photo by Lynn Lewis

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-90-6 Photo by Laura Karvelis of latophotography

Creative-Focus-Motion-Blur-Imagery- Photobug-Community-104 Photo by Taylor Lenci

Thanks so much to everyone who shared their favorite out of focus or motion blur images with us!

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  1. This is the best set of photos yet! I can totally feel each of these photos… all the feels. Great work everyone. 🙂

  2. Amazing work! Every image is a masterpiece!

  3. All staff were excellent and were very helpful in giving us ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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