Creative License Photo Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging across the globe. We are hopeful we’ll be able to use our creative license behind the camera again soon. But in many countries and cities, it simply isn’t an option. Instead, we’re focusing on the best at-home option we could find—staying creative during the editing process.

We all hoped that we would be back out shooting months ago. To keep the creativity flowing, we used our monthly photo challenge to push creative boundaries. In this month’s challenge, we asked members of our Photobug Community to submit their favorite creative edits. We were looking for images that took full creative license and our talented members didn’t disappoint!

This photo collection is proof that when given the freedom and creative license, photographers create incredible art. Check out our favorites below and find inspiration to prove you can still scratch that creative itch.

Eirin Photography Creative Edit photo by Eirin Photography.

Studio Fotografico Bacci unedited original photo by Studio Fotografico Bacci.

Studio Fotografico Bacci Creative License creative license photo by Studio Fotografico Bacci.

Ana Fite Art Unedited   original photo by Ana Fite.

Ana Fite Art Edited photo by Ana Fite.

Larisa Gancea Unedited original photo by Larisa Gancea.

Larisa Gancea Edited photo by Larisa Gancea.

Sandra Unedited original photo by Sandra Photographe.

Sandra Edited photo by Sandra Photographe.

The Jrnys Creative License original photo by the Jrnys.

The Jrnys Creative License Edit photo by the Jrnys.

Kylie Farmer Creative License edits photo by Kylie Farmer Photography

Amour Films Creative Edits photo by Amour Films.

Mariscal Creative License photo by Mariscal Photography

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their “creative license” photos with us! Are you ready to show us how these images inspired you to pull off your own creative edits? Be sure to join the Photobug Community to share your final images. We can’t wait to see how you scratch that creative itch!

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