Creative Photography Tools From Our “In My Bag” Challenge

More and more photographers are looking to shake things up and push their creative limits by incorporating unique tools that you may not consider when taking photos. For this month’s Photobug Community challenge, we asked photographers from around the world to share when they used a unique tool that they had in their camera bag.

From Ziploc bags to prisms to pasta strainers, we were not disappointed by what our community shared so keep scrolling to see the magic they captured!

Photos Using Creative Photography Tools

Image by Mike Bielski Hochzeitsfotografie. Tool used – glass prism

Image by Always Smiling Photography. Tool used – Ziploc bag

Image by Daniel Lopez Perez. Tool used – pasta strainer

Image by Samsul Hidayat. Tool used – crystal

Image by Samsul Hidayat, Tool used – glass

Image by Winsome Photos. Tool used – sparklers

Image by Evergreen Lovers. Tool used – prism

Image by The Hendrys. Tool used – glass prism


Thanks again to our incredible Photobug Community for sharing these images that prove that even the most mundane tools can be used to create some seriously beautiful photos. Be sure to join our Facebook group so you don’t miss out on our next challenge!

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