12 Photos Turn “In the House Bored” Into Self-Portrait Sessions

Sitting in the house bored during COVID-19 quarantine is difficult in so many ways. Between baking loaves of banana bread and binging Netflix shows, we’ve found ourselves staring longingly at our cameras.

We all want to be out shooting glorious images of beautiful couples. So, how did we turn the boredom into creative fun? We used our monthly photo challenge, of course! For this month’s challenge we asked members of our Photobug Community to submit their favorite self-portraits they shot while—you guessed it—in the house bored.

This photo collection is anything but boring. Check out our favorites below and get inspired to prove you can be in the house bored and still scratch that creative itch.

Tami Moravek self portrait photo by Boundless Pursuit Photography

Dani Burnett Self-portrait photo by Immortal Beloved Photo

Eirin Photography self portrait   photo by Eirin Photography

Loreal Made Self-Portrait   photo by Loreal Made

Daniel Lopez Perez Self-Portrait   photo by Daniel Lopez Perez

Spirit of Revelry Self Portrait   photo by Spirit of Revelry

Teagan OBrien Self-portrait   photo by O’Brien Originals

Joelsview self-portrait   photo by Joelsview Photography

Zulham Pahlevi self-portrait photo by Zulham Pahlevi

Nancy Breed Self-portrait photo by Nancy Bree Photo

Dan Jenson In the House Bored photo by Dan Jenson Photography

Joanna Eliza Photography In the House Bored photo by Joanna Eliza Photography

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their “in the house bored” photos with us! Are you ready to show us how these images inspired you to pull out your camera for your own self-portrait session? Be sure to join the Photobug Community to share your final images. We can’t wait to see how you’re spending your time in the house bored!

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