It’s Getting Hot in Here With These Steamy Couple Portraits

We’re turning up the heat for this month’s photo challenge! Using the hashtag #itshotinhere, the Photobug Community has shared what we call the lover’s trinity: kisses, caresses, and cuddles. This steamy photo roundup is almost too hot to handle, so brace yourself! In just a few seconds, you’ll get to see a passionate intimacy every couple should have – the kind that creates very sweaty palms.

photo by Chelsey Lea Photography

photo by Michelle Chartrand Photography

photo by Angela Ruscheinski

photo by Always Smiling Photography

photo by KMT Photos

photo by Jades Photography

photo by Nikki Hollett Photography

photo by Lena Larsson

photo by Ryan Chard Smith Photography

photo by Fotomagoria

photo by Danika Lee Photography

photo by Diana Lubbers Photography

photo by Ryan Chard Smith Photography

photo by Adam Rotter

photo by In Search of Wildflowers

photo by Little Mohr Photography

photo by Beloved Photography by Sara Louise McDaniel

photo by Elk & Fir

A big thank you to everyone who shared their #itshotinhere photo submissions with us! Did you miss last month’s challenge? Stay up-to-date and see what else the community has been up to on the blog now!

And don’t forget to join in the fun over on the Photobug Community Facebook group where we host a fun challenge every month.

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