Junebug Favorites: Top Pics of the Week – April 10

Devils-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-Snow-Jeff-Cooke-14-of-35-600x400  photo by Jeff Cooke Photography

There was a multitude of beautiful weddings featured this week on our blog, which made it super difficult to narrow down our top pics. From intimate, creative couple portraits to stunning bridals, the following Junebug Members are downright talented artists. Well done, Jeff Cooke Photography, Evan Rich Photography, Jennifer Moher Photography, Stina Kase, Nikki Mills, Steve Gerrard Phtoography, M2 Photography, and CG Weddings by the Crawleys!

Romantic-Puerto-Rican-Wedding-Hacienda-Siesta-Alegre-Evan-Rich-14-of-47-600x899  photo by Evan Rich Photography

Bohemian-Beach-Wedding-Grand-Bahia-Principe-Jennifer-Moher-23-of-30-600x399  photo by Jennifer Moher Photography

Glamorous-Outdoor-Italian-Wedding-Stina-Kase-Photography-27-of-33-600x400  photo by Stina Kase

Sweet-Rustic-Wedding-Fields-West-Lake-Nikki-Mills-28-of-32-600x399  photo by Nikki Mills

Woodstock-Inspired-Wedding-East-Bridgford-Hill-Steve-Gerrard-21-of-36-600x400  photo by Steve Gerrard Photography

Bohemian-Beach-Wedding-Grand-Bahia-Principe-Jennifer-Moher-26-of-30-600x400  photo by Jennifer Moher Photography

Philadelphia-wedding  photo by M2 Photography

Devils-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-Snow-Jeff-Cooke-4-of-35-600x400  photo by Jeff Cooke Photography

DIY-English-Countryside-Wedding-The-Crawleys-25-of-32-600x401  photo by CG Weddings by the Crawleys

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


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