Junebug Favorites: Top Pics of the Week – April 3

Rustic-Peach-Wedding-Onteora-Mountain-House-Ryan-Brenizer-Tatiana-Breslow-39-of-40-600x394  photo by Ryan Brenizer

Our top pics this week all have a common thread: ridiculously talented photographers who utilize light brilliantly. Using their skill and technique to masterfully capture the love between two people, we can’t get enough of the following Junebug Member work. Many thanks to Ryan Brenizer, Gabe McClintock, Marianne Wilson Photography, Dark Roux, WhiteSmoke Studio, Tinydot Photography, Jake Holt Photography, Ann-Kathrin Koch, and Maison Pestea for your awe-inspiring imagery.

Glamorous-Wedding-Fairmont-Banff-Springs-Hotel-Gabe-McClintock-29-of-35-600x400  photo by Gabe McClintock

Chic-Engagement-Carondolet-House-Joe-Marianne-Wilson-27-of-27-600x400  photo by Marianne Wilson Photography

Lavish-Traditional-Wedding-New-Orleans-Country-Club-Dark-Roux-1-of-31-600x401  photo by Dark Roux

Sweet-Wedding-in-Warsaw-23-of-28-600x399  photo by WhiteSmoke Studio

Timeless-Singapore-Wedding-Tinydot-Photography-1-of-25-600x400  photo by Tinydot Photography

Elegant-Texas-Wedding-Barr-Mansion-Jake-Holt-22-of-30-600x400  photo by Jake Holt Photography

Coral-Sage-Wedding-Babington-House-Ann-Kathrin-Koch-15-of-29-600x402  photo by Ann-Kathrin Koch

Rustic-Peach-Wedding-Onteora-Mountain-House-Ryan-Brenizer-Tatiana-Breslow-7-of-40-600x403  photo by Ryan Brenizer

Romantic-Pink-Wedding-Rome-Maison-Pestea-8-of-31-600x400  photo by Maison Pestea

Be sure to come back to Photobug on Monday for a special interview with Callaway Gable and Ryan Brenizer, who are helping us judge this year’s Best of the Best Engagement Contest!


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  1. First 4 photos are very inspiring! Thank you for inspiration!

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