Junebug Favorites: Top Pics of the Week – February 5

Elegant-Traditional-Wedding-Kentucky-Susan-Stripling-26-of-28-600x400  photo by Susan Stripling

There was no shortage of gorgeous this week on What Junebug Loves, and today, we’re rounding up our top pics here on Photobug! With precision and passion, the following photographers exemplify true artistry, and we’re honored they’re a part of the Junebug family. Thank you to Susan Stripling, Brittany Esther, Claire Penn, DS Visuals Weddings, and Dorka Photography for continually producing such beautiful work. Please enjoy!

Earthy-Lake-Wedding-Brittany-Esther-24-of-30-600x400  photo by Brittany Esther Photography

top pics  photo by Claire Penn Photography

top pcis  photo by DS Visuals Weddings

Quirky-English-Wedding-Claire-Penn-46-600x400  photo by Claire Penn Photography

Vintage-New-Orleans-Wedding-Dorka-Photography-31-of-32-600x400  photo by Dorka Photography

Thanks again to our Members for inspiring us ladies here at Junebug as well as our readers! Be sure to come back to Photobug next week for a special Spotlight Interview.

Happy weekend!


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  1. These are some stunning images. I love the emotion that was captured by the photographer in each one of these photos. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That first Susan Stripling shot. Wow, so gorgeous.

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