Junebug Favorites: Top Pics of the Week – March 27

Relaxed-French-Wedding-Chateau-Lartigolle-WhiteSmoke-Studio-31-of-32-600x399  photo by Whitesmoke Studio

Our top pics this week were photographed in some of the most gorgeous destinations and countries. As an international wedding site, we are incredibly fortunate to collaborate with some of the most talented artists from all over. Taken around the world, from Poland to the United States, and Canada to Australia, these stunning images were effortlessly captured by our wonderful Junebug Members. WhiteSmoke Studio, With Love and Embers, Dallas Kolotylo Photography, Harper Noel PhotographyAlessandro and Veronica Roncaglione, Nate + Lori, and I Love Wednesdays utilize their unique perspectives to capture the most beautiful moments.

top pics  photo by With Love and Embers

top pics  photo by Dallas Kolotylo Photography

top pics  photo by Harper Noel Photography

roncaglione junebug-19  photo by Alessandro and Veronica Roncaglione

DougandMiajunebug5of20-600x900  photo by Nate + Lori

carmel-jason-married-343  photo by I Love Wednesdays

Romantic-Bohemian-Wedding-Friedman-Farms-With-Love-and-Embers-29-of-40-600x400  photo by With Love and Embers

Wishing all of you lovely people a happy weekend!


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  1. Good job! Especially love b&w photo by Whitesmoke Studio and a candid bride’s portrait by Nate + Lori.

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  3. wow, stunning selection of photos!

  4. Another great compilation by www.http://junebugweddings.com/
    Love it

  5. Great collection of photographs. subtle and elegant.

  6. So realistic . So good color concept. i was thinking how print will feel my hands. Feature touchy paper is best option to print and to feel.

  7. Truly beautiful pictures. Great shot. Thanks for sharing this blog.There’s always a story behind every photography to tell. These blogs share many of them. That’s a way of learning from legends. Thanks for sharing!

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    Truly great wedding photography collection. Simply beautiful. Thanks for share this brilliant work.

  9. Truly excellent collection of images, inspired by their work and post processing.
    Great work.

  10. Pooja Sharma

    Really great photography

  11. Atlantis Photography

    Great work!! most of the pictures are in low ambient light.

  12. Amar Banerjee

    Very nice photography

  13. The Sparkling Wedding

    Lovely images and brilliant processing.

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    Nice blog, it’s so knowledgeable, informative, and good looking site. I appreciate your hard work. Good job. Thank you for this wonderful sharing with us. Keep Sharing.

  15. Sankha Roy

    Wonderful images..Great compositions too,

  16. Puja Sharma

    Great Article. Thank you for sharing! Really an awesome post for every one.

  17. Milan Roy

    Beautiful Images

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