Junebug Favorites: Top Pics of the Week – May 15

Adventurous-Moroccan-Elopement-Atlas-Mountains-Jennifer-Moher-20-of-38-600x401  photo by Jennifer Moher

It doesn’t get much better than these stunning images, chosen as our top pics this week. It takes a true artist to flawlessly capture those quiet, intimate moments between two people. And luckily, our Junebug Members have a natural talent when it comes to bringing those moments alive. We think you’re amazing, Jennifer Moher, Paula O’Hara Photography, Jennifer Armstrong Photography, Kris Holland Photography, Gian Carlo, Mark Pacura Photography, Ken Kienow Photography, Jason Mize Photography, Mosca Studio, Diktat Photography, and Andrew James Abajian!

Sweet-Northern-Irish-Wedding-Paula-OHara-26-of-43-600x400  photo by Paula O’Hara Photography

Naturally-Glam-Wedding-Gailan-Island-Jennifer-Armstrong-10-of-30-600x399  photo by Jennifer Armstrong Photography

Intimate-Church-Wedding-Coloma-California-Kris-Holland-18-of-32-600x400  photo by Kris Holland Photography

Vibrant-Indian-Wedding-Lake-Mirror-Complex-Gian-Carlo-Photography-26-of-33-600x400  photo by Gian Carlo

Morocco Elopement-50  photo by Jennifer Moher

DIY-Nature-Inspired-Wedding-Scotland-Mark-Pacura-11-of-39-600x399  photo by Mark Pacura Photography

Rustic-California-Wedding-at-Santa-Margarita-Ranch-19-of-30-600x401  photo by Ken Kienow Photography

Woodsy-Engagement-Session-Withlacoochee-State-Forest-Jason-Mize-5-of-30-600x400  photo by Jason Mize Photography

Farm-Inspired-Wedding-Gorge-Crest-Vineyards-MoscaStudio-16-of-25-600x399  photo by Mosca Studio

Morocco Elopement-82  photo by Jennifer Moher

Glamorous-Fun-Bali-Beach-Wedding-Diktat-Photography-25-of-33-600x401  photo by Diktat Photography

Fashionable-LA-Engagement-Andrew-Abaijan-2-of-20-600x400  photo by Andrew James Abajian

Have a lovely weekend, y’all!

Head on over to The Blog on Monday to see the big reveal of our 2015 Best of the Best Engagement Photo Collection!


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  1. Thank you guys, I am so honor to be a part of this week’s picks. What amazing company to be in.

  2. wow, is like a fantasy of Disney, congratulations

  3. congratulations for your perfect work

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