Junebug Favorites: Top Pics of the Week – October 24

As this week comes to an end, we hope our top pics leave you inspired as you head into the weekend. Today, we are celebrating everything phenomenal about fine-art photography. True artistry combined with exceptional skill, our talented Junebug Members are world-class and continually push the boundaries when it comes to creating wonderful pieces of art. Thank you Pretty Days, Gleason Photography, Jason Mize Photography, Dennis Berti Photography, Paul Santos PhotographyGiorgio Baruffi for sharing your brilliant work with us!

2014 by Thierry Joubert Pretty Days for Junebug 11  photo by Pretty Days

Kelynne-Drew-Gleason-Photography-46-600x399  photo by Gleason Photography

Nicola-David-Jason-Minx-Photography-38-600x399  photo by Jason Mize Photography

dennis-berti-chio-garcia-the-best-wedding-photographers-mexico-521  photo by Dennis Berti Photography

top pics (2)  photo by Paul Santos Photography

329-mat-josephine-alexandro-milano_C2A8906  photo by Giorgio Baruffi

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