Junebug Favorites: Top Pics of the Week

To us, it’s all about the moments – they might be subtle, but they speak volumes. This week, our top pics are all about those moments captured beautifully by our exceptional Junebug Members: Selah Photography, Avant Garde Studio, Marianne Wilson Photography, Maira Erlich, Jake Holt Photography, Studio Damon, Brandon Wong Photography. Here’s to continually living in the moment!

selahphotography0031  photo by Selah Photography

AL_AVG_07  photo by Avant Garde Studio

Marianne-Wilson-Alannah-Evan-24-600x400  photo by Marianne Wilson Photography

20140412-karolina-djacyr-079  photo by Maira Erlich

jake-holt-photography-03  photo by Jake Holt Photography

destination wedding photographer italy bari studio damon photography  photo by Studio Damon

BrandonWongPhotography01  photo by Brandon Wong Photography

We hope that you enjoyed this week’s round-up of top pics! As always, a huge thank you to our wonderfully talented Junebug Members!


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  1. Nice portrait thanks for your great photographic mind.

  2. Lovely portrait! You are a very creative photographer!

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