The Body Does All The Talking in June’s “Body Language” Photo Challenge

A single image can convey countless different emotions–joy, sadness, pain. But what happens if you take out the ability to see the subject’s face? Do you still experience those same emotions? In June’s “body language” photo challenge, we’re proving you can. The Photobug Community let the bodies do the talking, and these photos have us just as moved as if they featured the couple’s faces. Keep scrolling to see that no matter how you choose to capture two people in love, their love for one another will always shine through.

Image by Victori Damaris

Image by Framedia Wibowo

Image by Joanna Eliza

Image by Flora Gibson

Image by Patrycja Mazur

Image by Ana Fite

Image by Samsul Hidayat

Image by Rafal Fronczek

Image by Groovy Banana

Image by Antler Projects

Image by Raini Rowell

Image by Eric Wang

Thank you again to our super talented Photobug Community for sharing these images with us that show you don’t have to see someone’s face to experience the emotions they’re feeling. Want your work to be featured? Make sure to join our Facebook group so that you can get a chance to share your work in one of our challenges.

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