Welcome to the Concrete Jungle

This month we decided to travel to cities across the globe with our Photobug Community by asking everyone to share their favorite couples captured in concrete jungles. The result was—not surprisingly—amazing. From rainy day nuptials to early morning engagement shots around the world, each photographer truly delivered.

Ready to travel near and far to see the amazing images? Start scrolling and learn how to join in the fun next month below. 

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle

image by Carley Teresa

photo by Caitlin Free

image by Damien Milan

image by Aileen Choi

photo by RGM Photo

image by Hugh Whitaker

photo by Hugh Whitaker

image by Manis Moments

image by Isle + Oak

image by The Hendrys

photo by Ama by Aisha

photo by Bee Two Sweet

image by Hennygraphy

photo by Hennygraphy

photo by Isle + Oak

photo by Sydney Aleisha

image by The MacLeans

Thanks again to our incredible Photobug Community for sharing these concrete jungle images with us. Make sure you’re able to participate in next month’s color explosion challenge by joining our Facebook group. More details about the challenge will be announced on February 1st. Don’t miss out!

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