These Emotional Wedding Photos Will Have You Crying Happy Tears

photo by Angela Ruscheinski

Weddings are beautifully emotional events that can cause anyone to shed a tear or two (or straight up bawl if we’re being honest). That’s why for this month’s challenge we asked the Photobug Community to share their most moving and tearful wedding images with the hashtag #illcryifiwantto. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes you can’t help but let your emotions get the best of you and join in the happy cry fest. So grab a tissue and let these photos do what they do best: hit you right in the feels.

photo by Cody & Allison Photography

photo by Asher and Emily Photography

photo by Emily Kaar

photo by Jordan Voth Photography

photo by Kamra Fuller Photography

photo by Aileen Choi Photography

photo by Erika Diaz Photography

photo by Patrycja Janik Photography

photo by J. Hannah Photography

photo by James Escobar

photo by Jennifer Anne Photography

photo by Meredith Lord Photography

photo by Red Berry Photography

photo by The Dogwood Collective

photo by Dani Ford

photo by Yellow Bird Visuals

photo by Melissa Cervantes Photography

photo by Megan Saul

photo by Breeze Photography

 photo by Sara Rogers

photo by Anna Liz Photography

photo by Angela Ruscheinski

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