These Getting Ready Photos Will Prove That There’s Magic Even Before the “I do’s”

photo by Dean Snushall Photography

What’s better than incredible photography and a Beyoncé song lyric? Nothing. The answer is nothing. We invited the Photobug Community to participate in a photo challenge that will have you singing #iwokeuplikethis. From the first few moments of a wedding day to a last-minute lipstick check in the mirror, these photos are sure to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and photograph the mundane in a pretty special and unique way.

 photo by Mathias Fast Photography

photo by Eric Ronald

photo by Hugh Whitaker

photo by The Framers

photo by Damien Milan

photo by Veronika Ward Photography

photo by KnowMe Fotografie

photo by Lucier Photography

photo by Randi Kreckman

photo by Maria Shiriaeva Photography

photo by Dallas and Sabrina

photo by Nadine Berns Photography

photo by Andy Turner Photography

photo by A Bear Photography

photo by Duncan McCall Photography

photo by Dean Snushall Photography

photo by Flipmax Photography

photo by Blush Photography

photo by Sambajoy Photo and Art

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