Top Pics of the Month for November 2020

We are incredibly excited to share the Top Pics for November 2020 from our Photobug Community. Our talented photographers and videographers shared movement, true love, and new perspectives. November’s Top Pics did not disappoint and we are here for it. 

Whether it was capturing candid shots or showcasing a landscape, this group impressed us with their ability to create stunning images, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Get ready to see celestial views, golden hour sunsets, and yes—plenty of masks. Keep on scrolling to get inspired by this month’s Top Pics!

wedding photo nov 2020

photo by Simple Weddings

autumn trees engagement photo

photo by Larisa Gancea

drone photo wedding 2020

photo by Karmathartic

movement desert night TPOM

photo by From Moonlight

snowy mountain field wedding photo

photo by Midge Edine

Nov TPOM 2020

photo by From Moonlight

running black and white wedding

photo by Melissa Atle

wedding veil TPOM 2020

photo by Nadya Kamara

blurry guests bride focus

photo by From Moonlight

bright sun shadow couple

photo by rz Shoot

couch couple TPOM Nov Aileen Choi

photo by Aileen Choi

engagement bride TPOM 2020

photo by Hennygraphy

gloomy storm wedding pic

photo by KTOFOTO

wedding dress details TPOM

photo by heykaris

horses running wedding TPOM

photo by Marko Milas

black and white twirl pic TPOM

photo by Lolo and Noa

sunset engagement november pic

photo by KTOFOTO

wedding sunset photo 2020

photo by Me and Georgia

wedding confetti november TPOM

photo by Nina Darek

november 2020 top pics wedding

photo by RL FILMS CO

top pics november 2020 Zbyszek Pocian

photo by Foggy Stories

As always, a big thank you to this month’s contributors for sharing their top pics for November 2020! Want to see your photo featured in an upcoming Top Pics post? Be sure to tag your images on Instagram with #photobugcommunity, and join us on Facebook in our Photobug Community Group.

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