Top Pics of the Month for July 2021

What consistently makes wedding and couple photography special is how each image is a piece of a larger story. As the viewer, we’re offered a small glimpse into the real life of another person. We love how seemingly simple yet powerful these snapshots of love stories are. For our Top Pics of the Month for July 2021, there’s no shortage of storytelling within each photo. 

As you look through these photos, you’ll also notice the abundance of creative and unique artistry from the photographers behind these photos. Take a look at our top pics of the month below and peek into the personal stories of couples from around the world.

Black One Photography’s Image Information

Image shot on DJ Mavic Air 2; f: 2.8., 15s, ISO 190

VDA Wedding Artists’ Image Information

This photo was taken with a Sony a7 iii and a Sony lens 35 mm. The sky was so strange that day. It was similar to a huge soft box while the bride and groom were strolling on a small wall. I leaned over and as I framed them, I noticed the sky was a perfect background to tell something about them. Although there was such a majestic sky, their energy made them the main characters of that photo.

wedding day couple in conservatory

image by Pedja Vuckovic

dramatic bridal portrait with veil

image by Zulham Pahlevi

Ryan Chard Smith’s Photography Information

Canon 5D MkIV; 50mm 1.2L lens; ISO 200, f/1.8, 1/2000

sunset photo couple walking down road

photo by Safeena Noah

Safeena Noah’s Photo Background Information

Kecia and Riley met me at dawn at a spot in Joshua Tree that overlooks the Coachella Valley. We documented their ceremony as the sun rose. The Valley view that crowds normally come for is in the opposite direction, but the sun peaking over the hills behind us caught my attention instead. So I asked them to go for a walk together down the road for a little alone time to soak in the vows they just exchanged. I scrambled to the highest point I could for a bird’s eye view (drones are prohibited in US National Parks), threw on my tightest lens (85mm), and watched this magic unfold!

wedding day couple running on beach

image by The Hendrys

The Hendrys’ Photo Background Information

We used our Canon 5D Mk III body alongside our Canon 35mm f1.4 lens and we edited this with our custom preset. It was a dramatic blustery day down at Pfeiffer Beach so we just asked the couple to grab hold of each other and run alongside the shoreline.

hazy photo couple with golden light

photo by Tulio Coutto

Tulio Coutto’s Photo Background Information

To get this shot, I put the bride and groom in front of each other, a projector behind them, and then used an Atmosphere Aerosol haze spray. The image was shot on a Nikon D750 with a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens.

We hope you enjoyed the intimate stories in this collection of the Top Pics of July 2021. If you’re interested in viewing more creative wedding photography and sharing your own, come  join us over on the Photobug Community Facebook page. We look forward to welcoming you and seeing your work! 

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