Top Pics of the Month for March 2021

March has brought our team lots of smiles, prompted by both the good news of vaccine distribution rollouts and the much welcomed start of spring here in the US.  It has brought a feeling of optimism as we look to (hopefully) the near future for the return of weddings as we once knew them. 

During this past year, we’ve been so amazed and inspired by our industry and the perseverance each of you have demonstrated. And March’s top pics of the month photo roundup is no exception. This month our artists have shared incredible nighttime landscape shots, creative double exposures, and raw emotion captured with honesty and tenderness. Every photograph—and gif—has reminded us just how excited we are for celebrations of love to fill our calendars and social media feeds once again. Take a look at the beautiful images below where we hope you find your own artistic inspiration.

kiss on cheek gif

gif by Bare Odds









artistic black and white portrait

image by Sora Journals

wedding couple kiss in garden

image by PH Photography

top pic of bride running through forrest

image by Misho Weddings

artistic blurred bridal portrait for March

photo by Iyus Kusdinar

March Top Pic artistic same sex wedding photo

image by Henry Tieu

black and white getting ready top photo

photo by Ameirfikri

nighttime silhouette couple under rock arch

image by Taylor Stuck

extravagant building couple posed as art

photo by KTOFOTO

March Top Pic joyful couple Uganda wedding

photo by Carey Nash

March top pic bride in front of window

image by KTOFOTO

deep blue hour photo of couple

image by Sorai Studios

We’re continually thankful for the Photobug Community—especially those photographers who still look to us for inspiration when their own clients’ weddings were canceled. For those of you who may need a quick refresher on client experience and customer service, we’ve got you covered. Just make sure to share your favorite images with us after those weddings! 

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