Top Pics of the Month for May 2021

The time is finally here to present the May 2021 Top Pics of the Month! And with this round-up, we’re introducing a new feature that we hope will bring even more inspiration to your own photography. A selection of photos within the post will now include a behind-the-scenes look straight from the photographer who captured it—whether it be the gear they used, technical details of the shot, or simply the story behind it. We hope this insight inspires your own creative and technical approach. At the very least, you will receive the answer to one of the most prevalent photographer questions, “how on Earth did they get this shot?!”

black and white wide shot couple

photo by Victori Damaris

Fujifilm XT-30 with XF 35mm F1.4 lens; edited with Victori’s own black and white preset.

“This shot was taken at Bojongsoang Lake, Bandung. The couple chose this place because it’s beautiful and not so far from their home. It’s a very large place with so many trees, and I could see the reflection of the trees on the water. So I thought,  ‘It’s gonna be great if I put them in the middle between two trees, so I can get the perfect composition with the trees and the reflection.'”

wedding couple inside eclectic room

photo by Fox & Kin

35mm lens at f4.0, 1/200, 800 ISO

“I shot this photo at sunset at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach, California at a low angle to accentuate the trees.” 

Top Pics of May 2021

photo by Morden

groom portrait black and white

photo by Studio A

Canon 5d Mark IV on 85mm 1.4 IS lens.  F5.6, 1/500th sec., ISO 100; photo taken in Wanaka, New Zealand.

stylish couple, groom in hat

photo by Trity & Co

May 2021 Top Pics

photo by Folks-story

Photobug Top Pics of May 2021

photo by Zulham Pahlevi

“I used a DJI Mavic Mini drone and the shot was taken of two lovers at Piha Beach, near Auckland in New Zealand, during a spectacular summer’s sunset in January. The black, glossy sand on the beach meant that the sky was perfectly reflected in the ground below –  making it easy to frame the couple perfectly in the clouds.”

close up intimate, happy portrait of couple

photo by Alvaro Sancha

couple shaving heads before chemotherapy

photo by Lo Photo

shaving head before chemotherapy

photo by Lo Photo

couple after shaving heads before chemotherapy

photo by Lo Photo

This photoshoot was the start of Raisa’s chemotherapy journey. She wanted to take control and shave her head before losing her hair, so her husband shaved it for her. Raisa and Brad kept saying “I love you” over and over to each other while he was shaving her head. They had so much love and positivity despite the circumstances. I was so honored to capture the truest form of a love story I’ve witnessed.”

Our team is so grateful for each and every member of our ever-expanding Photobug Community. To all of those who share their work regularly and even those shy photographers watching from behind their computer screens. We see you and we thank you! Looking for ways to expand your own wedding photography business? Check out our updated and phenomenal guide to utilizing Pinterest.

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