Top Pics of the Month for October 2020

It’s time, again. The Top Pics of the Month for October 2020 are here! We’re excited to share another round of carefully chosen images from the Photobug Community. Our talented photographers and videographers are sharing the love of subjects.

Beyond expertly capturing candid moments, this group impressed us with their ability to create stunning images. Are you ready to be inspired by the Top Pics of the Month for October 2020? Keep scrolling!

Top Pics of the Month for October 2020

Canyon adventure and vow photo by Adventure and Vow

beach amanda coldicutt photo by Amanda Coldicutt

top pic of the month oct photo by Amanda Coldicutt

October 2020 Andrea Stephens photo by Andrea Stephens

BDFK Top pics of the month for October 2020 photo by BDFK photography

Top Pics Cedric photo by Cedric D. Vincent

Ed Aileen Photography photo by Ed & Aileen Photography

Flora Gibson photo by Flora Gibson

Frances Beatty Photography photo by Frances Beatty Photography

Top Pics of the Month October 2020 photo by Gumilang Rafsanjani

Hannah McMaster TPOM photo by Hannah McMaster

Hennygraphy TPOM photo by Hennygraphy

In Bianco e Nero Photographer photo by In Bianco e Nero

October 2020 photo by Jamie de Leeuw Photography

Jasmine Wedding Photos photo by Jasmine Wedding Photo

Cliffside Marriage Photo photo by 4 Joy Media

Kylie Farmer TPOM photo by Kylie Farmer

Levi October 2020 photo by Levi Hriczo

Lewis Membery Photography photo by Lewis Membrey

Marcijus October 2020 Top Pic photo by Tomislav Marcijus

Black and white photo of a building photo by Tomislav Marcijus

bride carrying bouquet top pic photo by Milos Gavrilovic

top pictures of the month October 2020 photo by Monika Skolimowska

Nigel couple in car moving photo by Nigel John

wedding party group photo photo by Nikk Nguyen

Oli Briars Atlas top pics photo by Briars Atlas

Oli Sansom Briars Atlas photo by Briars Atlas

Oli Sansom TPOM photo by Briars Atlas

photo of couple indoors photo by Robyn and Finch

Sergey couple shoot photo by Sergey Lapkovsky Photography

nature photo tara lilly photo by Tara Lilly Photography

couple with confetti photo by The Rose Reflective

couple sitting at the table photo photo by Damien Milan

top pics of the month for October 2020 photo by Will Khoury

Fotomagoria TPOM photo by Fotomagoria

couple outdoors with boats photo by Fotomagoria

couple kissing photo by Foggy Stories

As always, a big thank you to this month’s contributors for sharing their work! Want to see your photo featured in an upcoming Top Pics post? Be sure to tag your images on Instagram with #photobugcommunity, and join us on Facebook over in our Photobug Community Group.

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