Top Pics of the Month for September 2022

bride tossing bouquet among twinkly lights

photo by Ewan Hamzah

The September Top Pics for 2022 take us on a trip around the world. Starting in Vietnam, there’s a lovely indoor shot of a couple resting their heads on a window sill. This photo’s unique perspective showcases the intimacy of being home juxtaposed with the expanse of the outdoors beyond their open window. Next, we see a bride tossing her bouquet among twinkling lights in Malaysia. A favorite of the photographer Ewan Hamzah–he says the bride’s emotion in the moment “is key to giving the photo more soul.”

Leaving Asia, we make our way to Europe. The roundup includes a photo taken in a foggy field in Transylvania, one atop a cliff in Greece, and another on the lawn of a castle in Scotland. Traveling south to Africa, photographer Cheka took one standout image that beautifully displays a couple walking in an open expanse in Kenya, highlighted by the dim light of the sunset. Lastly, we hop over the Atlantic Ocean into Canada for a striking landscape shot taken in Banff National Park. So get your passport ready and enjoy the diverse top pics of September!

September Top Pics of 2022 creative shot

photo by Mathieu Dété

Scottish bride and groom laughing while holding umbrellas

photo by Studio Snap Weddings (captured in Glasgow, Scotland)

September Top Pics for 2022 landscape photo

photo by Meggy Mac Photography (captured in Glencoe, Scotland)

September Top Pic couple kissing

photo by P.S. Photo

couple walking hand in hand towards sunset

photo by Cheka (captured in Kenya)

photo by The Chamberlins

Top Pics of the Month for September couple on cliff

photo by Me and Georgia (captured in Santorini, Greece)

wedding day couple on cliff over Iceland beach

photo by Bator Foto (captured in Iceland)

wedding day couple on dock looking at mountains in Banff

photo by Film and Forest Photography (captured in Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park, Canada)

couple at home laying heads on window sill

photo by Zoan Studio (captured in Dalat, Vietnam)

bride tossing bouquet after wedding

photo by Ewan Hamzah (captured in Janda Baik, Malaysia)

bride taking sip from champagne tower

photo by Georgia Rachael Photography (captured in North Norfolk, England)

September Top Pics of the month photo

photo by Tania Salim

couple in foggy field in Transylvania

photo by Beti Dobrin Photo (captured in Transylvania, Romania)

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