Top Pics of the Month – January

This January, you’re in for a treat. Taking a slight turn from last month, the Photobug Community is serving up a sense of secretive wonder via stunning wedding photography. Skim this month’s collection, and you’ll find that most of our Top Pics are elegantly moody. There are muted hues, fading sunsets, and everything else you’d need to create an emotional world of love and longing.

If you need some photo inspiration this month, these 21 photographers have got you covered. Dive into their world of emotional photography to get your creative juices flowing!

photo by Nina & Darek

photo by Wild Connections Photography

photo by The CATS Photography

photo by Marko Milas Weddings

photo by vda studio

photo by Joelsview Photography

photo by Klisza Art Studio

photo by Dani Purington Photography

photo by LeeAnn B Stephan

photo by Alex Villar Photography

photo by Lucy Turnbull

photo by Koko Photography

photo by Jamie Dee Photography

photo by Shannen Arnett

photo by Zakas Photography

photo by Native Expressions

photo by Vintage Photoworks

photo by Hailey Pierce Photography

photo by Dimitris Manioros

photo by We Choose the Moon Photography

photo by Aimee Flynn

As always, a big thanks to this month’s contributors for sharing their inspiring work! Want to see your photo featured in an upcoming Top Pics post? Be sure to tag your images on Instagram with #photobugcommunity, and join us on Facebook over in our Photobug Community Group.

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