Top Pics of the Week – May 13th

Eva+Kyle-photobug Photo by Shari + Mike

We are downright blown away by the incredible work that’s being shared with us every single day within the #photobugcommunity. It’s such an honor to curate a small collection of images from that community each week and we just want to thank all of you for supporting us! Big shout outs to Terralogical, Dawn Photography, Lover of Mine, The Hendrys, Justin Haugen Photography, Wanderlust Creatives, Chris Copeland Photography, Shari + Mike, and Bloc Memoire Photography for the serious eye candy this week!

DSC03725 Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography

Cat + Aaron JB Photobug resize Photo by Chris Copeland Photography

Lover_of_Mine_Wedding Photo by Lover of Mine

dawnphotography-_0001 Photo by Dawn Photography

A1718 Photo by Terralogical

DEONE_PHOTOBUG Photo by Wanderlust Creatives

justin_haugen_junebug-1 Photo by Justin Haugen Photography

thehendrys_photobug Photo by The Hendrys

Have a rad weekend, everyone!

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  1. wow…! Amazing photos !

  2. Wonderfull , emotion all picture

  3. […] for as long as I’ve known these guys. I was extremely honoured to be asked to capture their wedding (which I cannot wait to share with you very […]

  4. Lover of Mine
    This image is the one I liked the most.

    But the other images are so beautiful.

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