Top Pics of the Week – January 27th

top-pics-1-27-2017-1 photo by Mati Photography

This week’s Top Pics combines idyllic rural backdrops with cool urban scenes! Huge thanks to Stephen LibergeMati PhotographyRyan Chard SmithFabio Mirulla, Abby RosesDara Sikkila Photography, Shari + MikeKelsie EmM PhotographyDimas Cumi, and Dallas & Sabrina for sharing your photos with us.

top-pics-1-27-2017-5 photo by Dimas Cumi

top-pics-1-27-2017-7 photo by Ryan Chard Smith

top-pics-1-27-2017-6 photo by Dallas & Sabrina

top-pics-1-27-2017-2 photo by Fabio Mirulla

top-pics-1-27-2017-4 photo by Shari + Mike

top-pics-1-27-2017-8 photo by Abby Roses

top-pics-1-27-2017-9 photo by Kelsie EmM Photography

top-pics-1-27-2017-3 photo by Stephen Liberge

top-pics-1-27-2017-10 photo by Dara Sikkila Photography

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