Top Pics of the Week – December 23rd

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-4 photo by Brandon Werth

This week’s Top Pics is full of heartfelt romance, adventurous outdoorsy spaces, and quiet moments that speak volumes. Big thanks to Brandon WerthSnap Story PicturesJonnie + GarrettGustavo Franco PhotographyDallas & SabrinaEllie Asher PhotographyAli and Laura PhotographyDaniela Marquardt, and Ryan Chard Smith for sharing all of the stunning photos  with us this week.

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-1 photo by Snap Story Pictures

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-8 photo by Jonnie + Garrett

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-7 photo by Gustavo Franco Photography

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-6 photo by Dallas & Sabrina

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-2 photo by Ellie Asher Photography

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-5 photo by Ali and Laura Photography

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-9 photo by Daniela Marquardt

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-3 photo by Ryan Chard Smith

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