Top Pics of the Week – December 9th

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-4 Photo by Aleks Kus

This week’s Top Pics is complete with goosebump-worthy shots and heartfelt moments that’ll make you reach for a tissue or two. Massive thanks to Bubble PhotographyBlue Print PhotographyGreg PetersenVivid SymphonyTerralogicalMichelle Lyerly Photography, Rangga Jamalludin AnwarDani Lang PhotographyJim Pollard Goes Click, and Aleks Kus for sharing their work with us this week!

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-8 Photo by Jim Pollard Goes Click

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-2 Photo by Dani Lang Photography

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-5 Photo by Michelle Lyerly Photography

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-1 Photo by Rangga Jamalludin Anwar

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-6 Photo by Terralogical

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-3 Photo by Vivid Symphony

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-9 Photo by Greg Petersen

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-10 Photo by Blue Print Photography

top-pics-week-12-9-2016-photobug-7 Photo by Bubble Photography

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(2) comments

  1. Love that black and white second one down, looks real classy

  2. This is such a beautiful wedding, the photograph’s are amazing too!

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