Top Pics of the Week – July 28th

photo by Ben and Colleen

This week’s Top Pics relishes the serenity of romance and showcases some beautifully unexpected textures! A huge thanks to Hinterland Stills, Stefano Chiolo, Ben and ColleenMelissa Rey PhotoVein & VesselOla Gruszka FotografiaSean Carr Photography, and Deus Photography for sharing their images with us this week.

photo by Stefano Chiolo

photo by Deus Photography

photo by Ola Gruszka Fotografia

photo by Vein & Vessel

photo by Sean Carr Photography

photo by Melissa Rey Photo

photo by Hinterland Stills

Another big thanks to this week’s contributors! Want to see your work in a future Top Pics post? Be sure to tag your images with #photobugcommunity on Instagram, and join us over in our Photobug Community Facebook group.

(6) comments

  1. So inspirational!

  2. Love the moon photos <3

  3. The pictures are just splendid. A treat to the eyes.

  4. […] międzynarodowo na bloga Junebug Weddings „Top Pics of the week” (Do zobaczenia TU)<3 <3 dzięki za wyróżnienie! Zwłaszcza, że nadsyłanych jest mnóstwo świetnych […]

  5. Cathy Jonas

    These pictures are absolutely breathtaking I must say. If I may, do you use professional equipment?

  6. MisterJ

    Splendid !!
    This is the way I like wedding photographies 🙂
    Hope next time you’ll find an example in mines :

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