Top Pics of the Week – November 11th

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-5Photo by Maddie Mae Photo

Ambient light, snowflakes, and smiles abound in this week’s Top Pics. Big thanks to Maddie Mae PhotoWah PhotoVenema PicturesNaeli Ortiz PhotographyLyndsey Kaye PhotographyTJ TindaleThe SpraguesEastlyn BrightHelena and Laurent, and Ellie Asher Photography for sharing their work with us this week!

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-6Photo by Wah Photo

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-7Photo by Venema Pictures

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-2Photo by Camilla Jørvad Photography

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-3Photo by Naeli Ortiz Photography

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-10Photo by Lyndsey Kaye Photography

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-4Photo by TJ Tindale

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-9Photo by The Spragues

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-8Photo by Eastlyn Bright

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-11Photo by Helena and Laurent

top-pics-week-11-11-2016-1Photo by Ellie Asher Photography

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Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


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