Top Pics of the Week – November 18th

top-pics-week-11-18-2016-4 Photo by Jim Pollard

Whether you’re into mountain top scenery, country roads, or catchin’ waves, this week’s Top Pics has a little bit of everything, plus some dreamy bokeh! Massive thanks to Jim PollardAlana Taylor PhotographyStudio LouLouMuse & MirrorAwake and DreamingEwelina ZiebaBAKE PHOTOGRAPHYMadeleine Frost, and Dakai Photography for sharing their work with us.

top-pics-week-11-18-2016-6 Photo by Alana Taylor Photography

top-pics-week-11-18-2016-1-2 Photo by Studio LouLou

top-pics-week-11-18-2016-2-2 Photo by Muse & Mirror

top-pics-week-11-18-2016-3 Photo by Ewelina Zieba

top-pics-week-11-18-2016-5 Photo by BAKE PHOTOGRAPHY

top-pics-week-11-18-2016-7 Photo by Dakai Photography

top-pics-week-11-18-2016-1 Photo by Awake and Dreaming

top-pics-week-11-18-2016-2 Photo by Madeleine Frost

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  1. Hello! Awake and Dreaming. You are really fantastic photographer. I like your shots. Congrats you for your position at “Top Pics of the Week”

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