Top Pics of the Week – November 4th

top-pics-week-11-4-2016-9 Photo by Helena and Laurent

If you love fun and unexpected moments, then this week’s Top Pics is for you! From dramatic kisses in the streets to a veil gone rogue, we’re truly enjoying the fun and love that are so overwhelmingly present in this week’s set of images. High fives and virtual hugs to everyone who contributed to this week’s Top Pics: Fer JuaristiAlice CoppolaJonnie + GarrettHinterland StillsSeth and KatiGreg PetersenBek and Addison, and Joel Bedford Weddings!

top-pics-week-11-4-2016-8 Photo by Fer Juaristi

top-pics-week-11-4-2016-1 Photo by Alice Coppola

top-pics-week-11-4-2016-2 Photo by Jonnie + Garrett

top-pics-week-11-4-2016-3 Photo by Hinterland Stills

top-pics-week-11-4-2016-5 Photo by Seth and Kati

top-pics-week-11-4-2016-7 Photo by Greg Petersen

top-pics-week-11-4-2016-4 Photo by Bek and Addison

top-pics-week-11-4-2016-6 Photo by Joel Bedford Weddings

If you’re not sharing your work with us on Instagram, you’re missing out! #photobucommunity on Instagram for a chance to be featured in a future edition of Top Pics of the Week.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


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  1. Its really awesome and amazing wedding pics, perfect moment had captured on wedding day to remember life time.

  2. wow perfect moment, i love those short

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