Top Pics of the Week – October 14th

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-4 Photo by Tara Lilly Photography

While we don’t condone posing your couple in an open field during a thunderstorm, it does make for a pretty intense setting! Big thanks to Tara Lilly PhotographyMark Pacura PhotographyJim Pollard Goes ClickKatarzyna Pyrchata fotografiaAlexander PhotographyThe HendrysGustavo Franco FotografiaRyan Chard SmithSamuel Goh PhotographyMuse and Mirror, and Jayleigh Daniel Photography for making this week’s Top Pics possible.

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-6 Photo by Mark Pacura Photography

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-5 Photo by Jim Pollard Goes Click

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-8 Photo by Katarzyna Pyrchata fotografia

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-9 Photo by Alexander Photography

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-7 Photo by The Hendrys

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-3 Photo by Muse and Mirror

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-10 Photo by Gustavo Franco Fotografia

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-2 Photo by Ryan Chard Smith

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-11 Photo by Samuel Goh Photography

top-pics-10-14-16-photobug-1 Photo by Jayleigh Daniel Photography

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  1. Seriously cool images.

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